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After School Fit Kids Program
At A Glance
Organization DBA
A Better Body
Organization's type of tax exempt status Public Supported Charity
Name of supporting organization A Better Body
EIN Number 35-2330538
Year of Incorporation 2010
Financial Summary
Projected Revenue $12,000.00
Projected Expenses $12,000.00
Mission Statement
Building stronger minds and bodies for healthier and safer communities through love, quality training and positive programs.
Needs Statement
Top 5 Most Pressing Needs:
1. Funding to train elementary children grades 1-5th grade  in proper nutrition and physical fitness to combat childhood obesity- 6 schools county wide $30,000 annually
2. Funding to go to public schools to train grades 9-12 Life Skills and Life Coaching to help develop a plan of self improvement- 6 middle and high school $5000 per school year =$30,000
3. Funding to train adults in Gadsden County  in personal safety and violence prevention - $20,000 for county wide travel to 6 cities in 4 week instruction classes
4. Funds to train school aged children from low income families in Gadsden County to learn Anti-Bullying tactics  to 6 elementary schools $20,000
5. Funds for training teenagers/Adults in Life Skills and Life Coaching for Goal Setting and Improving their  financial and physical status  $15,000
Impact Statement
Top 5 Accomplishments 2014:
1. Stop  Bullies Program.
2. Held 3 Personal Safety Seminars in Gadsden and Leon County
3. Taught REAL essentials at East Gadsden High School
4. 4Me Personal Development Classes  in Both Leon and Gadsden County
5. Implemented Stategies for Fund Raising
TOP 5 Goals for 2014:
1. Obtain funding and donations to implement new programs and add staff.
2. Add more students to the after school and evening karate programs.
3. Add support staff for training and office duties.
4. Apply for more grants and obtain partnerships with those who share in our mission.
5. Be entirely self supporting financially to pay overhead like payroll, rent, utilities, travel expense and insurance.
Background Statement
ABB began in March 2008 and received 501(c)(3) status in September 2010. The organization has been run solely on volunteer efforts and donations. In 2011 ABB had income of $22,000  and dropped due to budget cuts. The funds we raised are from donations, fundraisers and 2 small contracts with Gadsden County Schools and 21st Century afterschool program. To date no salaries are paid, and what money is taken in is used to cover, in part, overhead and equipment for the children. The rest of the expenses are paid for by Alpha Advertising.

In the past 3 years ABB has worked hard to establish working relationships with Gadsden County community leaders and be involved in the local events. In 2011 to 2013 new programs were created to better serve the community, like Active Aging for the seniors in health and safety training and Next Step for teens and adults for safety, fitness and personal development. The karate programs partnered with Alpha UPKUDO to train more than 100 children in fitness, life skills and social development.  In addition the Anti-Bullying Program to help identify, report and combat bullying has been initiated. There is deep need and interest in this program and the Superintendent of schools supports our efforts of training children to deter children. However they do not have the funds to pay for us to travel to the schools to teach the children. Our Fit Kids program pretests and post tests children in fitness levels and helps motivate them to live healthier lifestyles and combat obesity.

All the programs of ABB are designed to help individuals discover a better way of life. Safety education, fitness training and personal development programs have made a great impact on the at risk community. The needs of the community are great. We can meet more of them with additional funding. There are currently over 10,000 school aged students who would benefit greatly from our educational programs if funding were available.

Service Categories
Adult Education
Youth Development Programs
Physical Fitness/Community Recreational Facilities
Areas of Service
Areas Served
Inclusive of the cities of  Havana, Tallahassee, Gretna, Greensboro, Quincy, Chattahoochee and Midway.
Board Chair Statement
A Better Body started with a group of like-minded persons desiring to improve the communities in which they live. They are unselfish in their time and dig in their pockets to help keep the training programs going. Because I grew up in a violent, abusive, alcoholic home I suffered from people who abused me.  For years I had trouble looking in the mirror and loving who I saw. Today I have learned through education and the grace of God that to help others you must improve yourself and be in a position to do so. The hopelessness and insecurity I see in the children's eyes is haunting. When they train and are  mentored in our programs, their shoulders are squared back, a smile graces their face and confidence shines from their eyes. In a word HOPE. That's is what ABB is about, inspiring others who haven't even understood that life can be better. To change even one persons life will be worth the investment.

Things changed for me when I was abandoned on the street in another city and left for dead. I was 16 years old, sick with TB, cancer, and pregnant. They viewed me as way too much baggage to have to deal with. I was found by some caring strangers, and so my life changed. Their faith in me as a person of worth taught me that I could be anything I wanted if I set my mind to it. I could have a better, healthier body and a better way of  life.

Change begins in the mind. This is why ABB was founded- to educate those who come from challenging circumstances to rise above them, fueled by the power of love and knowledge. The challenge of ABB has been to change the mindset of those who live in crisis and feel hopeless. The approach is a positive one- to first help people discover they are not alone, that they can change their lives.

We educate in fitness and in personal safety matters as well as life skills like respect, honor, discipline, tenacity, loyalty, and much more. Once these core values are ingrained through programs like karate, fitness classes and personal development training, they begin to change. All life coaching does is help people discover their destiny, and provide a path to a better life. No one can design another’s life, what they think it should be, but there is a way to help the person discover ways they can make their life as they desire it to be.

A great challenge after developing the programs and gaining exposure in the community is how to fund these programs. The people we work with many times are struggling to survive, so we appeal to community leaders, and apply for grants to fund the programs. We request partnerships with like-minded organizations so that this mission is successful.
People are kind to volunteer and donate space to us, but eventually volunteers leave, or the hand out is no longer provided. Thus finding the money is the organization’s greatest challenge. With self supported funding we could pay staff to carry on the work of helping others get healthier, and learn how to be safer in their day to day lives.



CEO Statement/Executive Director Statement
The reason ABB is distinctive is the approach in which it trains individuals. First and foremost each person is treated with respect and love. We focus on what is right with someone rather than what is wrong. The training methods move people from being a victim to becoming a victor in life.

Gadsden County is ranked the 62nd most unhealthy county in Florida due to lack of exercise, smoking and poor eating habits. It is also a very rural county, with challenges of transportation to and from classes. In many cases ABB has to go to various groups to train them. The Gadsden County School Board, along with The Great Centers of 21st Century, are desiring us to train the children to us to train, if we can obtain funding. The Boys and Girls Club has been bringing us 20 students each week for training with the possibility to start a class in Greensboro should we acquire funding. There are over 200 students in the Boys and Girls Club program in Gadsden County.

As the Executive Director, I have trained people of all ages for over 21 years to go on to win in sports competition, change their lives for the better and reach for goals they once regarded as hopeless. ABB provides a way for the individuals to strengthen the family unity, become heathier and discover their self worth. The lessons learned help to build better relationships with others. People who are trained in an ABB program become more successful in their careers, in the home and at school. ABB inspires people to believe that love, hope and faith still do exist. Once you change the thinking of a victim or disadvantaged person, choices and possibilities plant seeds of personal growth.

As the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Behavioral Director said, "If there were more programs like A Better Body (ABB) teaches, my beds would be empty. People could discover the life skills they need to work through their challenges, rather than rely on drugs and alcohol to cope."


Training Session to be done in 4 week hourly classes in balance, strength, flexibility and personal safety. Each session covers up to 25 participants in the class. The fee is 600 dollars to cover instructors and administrative fees, if conducted  at the Personal Development Center in Havana. Off location would need to add 200 dollars to cover travel and off location expense.
Budget $800.00
Category Education, General/Other Adult Education
Population Served Aging, Elderly, Senior Citizens, ,
Short Term Success
In 2 previous trial sessions we taught, 1 had 80% women and 20% men, and the other was 95% women and 5% men. The age range was 65 to 94 years old. The outcome was increased awareness in how they could use simple items such as a chair and water bottles to get a workout. The exercises helped with strength, coordination and reflex. Phone numbers and contact information on how to report suspected abuse of others or themselves were provided. Most said they did not want to jeopardize their living arrangements. Phone scams and bank fraud were briefly discussed. Handouts were then given to each person to take home and read on how to safeguard their home, and what precautions to take.
This group was not physically able to defend themselves, so the training was more preventative in nature. We did educate how and where to hit with a cane, should they desire to strike their attacker. Most were not interested in physcially defending themselves, but rather enjoyed the simple exercises they could continue on their own. 
Long term Success
This program will help the elderly learn ways they can report abuse and help ensure their safety at home, shopping and in travel. It also addresses the issues most affecting seniors, which are balance and flexibility to prevent falls. Strength improvements from the exercises can be continued at home on their own, without the use of equipment.
It is the goal to help those who are living longer to be healthier, and not a victim of scams.
Program Success Monitored By
We know that the program works because we ask the seniors in the program to take a survey on what the seniors are learning, i.e. information on what exercises they can do without going to a facility, and exercises they can do at home to help keep them safer. The problem with the program is that seniors have a difficult time getting out to go places, so the program has to go to them at senior centers and churches. Instructors' notes are taken after each session to work on improving the program in the future. One of the things we learned from the surveys and notes was that a shorter 4 week program works much better than a longer 8 week program. Also, the personal safety portion was revised to be more knowledge-based rather than hands-on.
Examples of Program Success
In two previous sessions, the comments were that they learned they could do more than what they thought they could. Lack of funding has prevented us from expanding the program to additional classes rather than just the first one, which gave a general overview of what the program has to offer. When we receive funding we can do all of the 4 week classes.
UPKUDO karate is a successful martial arts program for people of all ages. The largest classes are afterschool, and families come to the evening classes. The age of the students range from 5 to 76. The program includes personal safety, teaching of life skills such as honor, respect, confidence, focus, proper attitude, making right choices, teamwork, anti-bullying techniques, awareness, de-escalation tactics, point sparring for physical fitness and self esteem, mental and physical conditioning, goal setting, social skills and much more.
Striving for their personal best in training helps with grades, encourages good associations with others, family unity, a sense of belonging and
how to work with others. Experienced mentors and instructors in the class lead by example. Control of their actions and emotions, and how to face fears and challenges in life to be successful, are also learned in this program. It is evident that the love students receive and the positive teaching methods have what made this art a success for people of all ages.
Budget $15,000.00
Category Recreation & Sports, General/Other Physical Fitness
Population Served Adults, K-12 (5-19 years), Adolescents Only (13-19 years)
Short Term Success
While the program is year round and primarily focused on the youth, it is also for adults. Domestic violence and abuse can be lowered when knowledge is taught to the students on how to avoid the wrong environments, and how they can situate themselves in a more favorable environment. Understanding their self-worth and boundaries can plant seeds of change. No longer do individuals have to be victims, but rather can raise their standards to live a healthier and safer life.
Students are made aware of what personal strengths they possess and how to develop them. In so many of the homes there is no real family unity, but by being part of a karate family they gain a sense of belonging and value.
Being shown respect and showing respect will help in future relationships and at work. While karate may seem to be just physical, it is far more. It is an ongoing method in which individuals can discover themselves.
Long term Success
At present only 15% of the youth particpate in the karate afterschool program. 80% are males and 20% are females. The average age is 10. By adding more students to the program we can address the bullying issues that plague 1 out of every 4 students. Early intervention can sidetrack the violence and crime that results from ignorance of not knowing another way to live. Most students are at risk, and suffer from lack of exercise and obesity issues.
The karate program is an anti-drinking, anti-smoking and anti-bullying progam that will enhance each life that is involved in this program. Grades will improve as goal setting and personal self worth grow. Education is the key to combating poverty and crime.
Each student learns mental and physcial skills and is tested for growth. This testing gives a guideline of what is needed to grow and advance in the program. People thrive where love and positive input is given.
Program Success Monitored By
Notes are taken with every class and reported to the program coordinator. Skills tests in which the students show how they have improved both physically and mentally are recorded on a report card-like form, and one copy is kept at ABB, while the other is given to the student. On each report are notations for improvement and what special growth they have exhibited since they began training. This way they have reassurance of growing in the correct way, as well as a new area in which to focus for self  improvement.
The tests are conducted by the master instructor and a board of assistant instructors. Tests are solely based on the individuals' growth, rather than how they compare to another person. Tests give a basis on which to build, and a record of successes.
Examples of Program Success
We are highly recommended by the Superintendent of  Gadsden County Schools who says,"You are helping our students develop discipline, which is an important characteristic for achieving success. Keep up the good work!"
TCC 21st Century Director states, "Our rural community is plagued with juvenile crime, a high school dropout rate that continues to grow and overall health issues including obesity. A Better Body offers an alternative. ABB's positive programs for summer camps, karate afterschool, personal safety and personal development supports our efforts to give our children guidance, discipline, respect, and love. Their creative ways of working on both the obesity and youth intervention and crime prevention problems with today's youth will help us achieve the best possible results."
TMH Behavioral Health Center Directors says, "ABB programs help youth avoid the trappings of unstructured time...thus leading to the juvenille justice system. ABB helps students set and achieve goals."
Next Step is a program for teens and adults that includes 3 sessions. The first session is an exercise class on how to properly exercise. The 2nd session is a personal safety class with proper awareness, assessment and appropriate action to take. Proper form for blocking, striking and kicking are covered, as well as how to get out of grabs. Each person is taught techniques that work with their body type and limitations.
The 3rd session is personal development, in which life coaching helps them define, set and make a plan to achieve their goals. Personality profiles are briefly covered. A dream board is created by them that helps give a visual to take home. Teen sessions have mock interviews and content is taught on what employers are looking for, and how they can be properly prepared.
Session 3 is customized by the age group and needs of the group. Personal safety tips for home, school, work, shopping and travel are handed out. A certificate of completion is given at the end of all 3 sessions.
Budget $750.00
Category Education, General/Other Adult Education
Population Served Adolescents Only (13-19 years), Adults, Aging, Elderly, Senior Citizens
Short Term Success
When a group comes to class for the first time, they are all nervous and reserved. By starting the first class as a fitness class they can build a kinship. The 2nd phase focuses more on the emotional, as some may have fears of being or have already been attacked, and need to move forward to the next step of not being a victim.
The last day is more mental in that now they are worked out, have addressed some fears, and want to go to that next step in their life. People sometimes need help on which direction to take. But holding the classes on separate days or spaced apart throughout the day, they can drink in the knowledge they have learned, rather than be bombarded with information overload.
With funding we would be able to have computer access on the 3rd day to print out ideas they had in mind for goal setting. Then the print out can be positioned on their personal board they have been given to take home and refer to.
Long term Success
The $750 fee covers 3 training sessions at the personal development center, with an additional fee for off location if requested. The program helps each person learn how to work with their body to achieve the best possible fitness results, how to be safer, and how to realize their goals and be inspired to create a healthier plan of action.
Each person is unique, and has a different way in which they can learn. From the 3 sessions, the attendees can discover their own strengths, how to rise above being a victim and move forward to the goals they set for themselves. It is truly a self enlightening program.
In the future, the 3rd day of the session will be devoted in some groups strictly for job preparation, or on moving past violent crimes they have experienced.
Program Success Monitored By
At the end of each session a questionaire is given to the participants. These answers help to modify or alter the content of the program. Before the personal safety session, a questionaire is given to help go over the more pressing things that are of interest to the group. For instance, the elderly may not be as charged up to get flipped or thrown, but would like to know more about how to keep their purse from being taken or ripped off by a con man.
Consequently, these forms help identify and give statistics on what people are most desiring to receive in their training. One of the questions is, 'in the future, what would you like to have more training in:
         -resources available?
         -how to work out at home?
         -how to stop smoking? etc.'
This helps us customize the program to meet the needs of the majority rather than generalized knowledge.
Examples of Program Success
Next Step has been taught to after school students and evening class students over the past 20 years. Some references include-
The Florida Bar: "What a wonderful and empowering seminar you taught! I hope that I will never have to use the skills that you taught, but I feel better knowing that I am a little more prepared after your class. You are an inspiring role model and excellent teacher."
From FBMC Health coordinator: " I could write volumes about the positive impact you have had on FBMC in general and me in particular.You have made me aware of good body mechanics so I don't get injured when I work out. You have pushed me physically and taught me that my abilities can exceed my expectations. Your positive attitude makes it a joy to learn from you.You are dedicated, warm, caring, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, the list goes on and on."
From Insurance Company:"We are very impressed with your program. You taught us that there are no limitations in life only those we put on ourselves."



Seminars are taught at the personal development center in Havana or off location if space allows. Maximum attendance for each seminar is 50.  Awareness, assessment, de-escalation tactics and proper action are taught.
How to properly block, kick and punch as well as where and when to use the technique are taught. If the group is open to it, throwing techniques, and escape from locks and grabs are also covered. Tips on how to preserve their safety while shopping or traveling, at home and at work are covered. Printed handouts are given to each atttendee.
A list of potential attacks are listed for the attendees to express what they are most concerned about, and these are covered in the seminar. Also covered are how and what to report regarding incidents of personal attack. In the 1.5 hour session, each participant demonstrates which technique helped them the most. Attendees learn how to use their body as a defense weapon. A brief discussion on various personal safety devices is also held.
Budget $375.00
Category Public Safety, Disaster Services, General/Other Occupational Health and Safety Awareness
Population Served Adults, Adolescents Only (13-19 years), Aging, Elderly, Senior Citizens
Short Term Success
Statistics show that 25% of the population will be a victim of a violent crime. Rape is usually by someone the victim knows. Seniors are the most vulnerable, as they are unable to physically fight off or run from their attacker. Personal safety education is an intervention and best defense against personal attacks.Victims become victors and learn how to set boundaries to avoid future attacks.
Long term Success
Personal Safety Education can help preserve an individual's safety, regardless of whether it is verbal or hands-on training. Some people do not feel comfortable performing physcial techniques, but the safety tips given will help prevent an attack and make them more aware. Abused children tend to be involved in situations that are harmful. By enlightening them, this cycle can be broken. Many are not comfortable with carrying or using a gun, but showing how to use their mind, hands, feet, elbows and knees can serve as useful defense mechanisms. Understanding how to de-escalate a situation can also help prevent harm to themselves as well as others.
Program Success Monitored By
These seminars have been conducted for the past 13 years. The notes taken with each seminar have helped redesign the approach to how the information is taught. For instance, most participants were not interested in physical contact, but needed more preventative measures to be taught.
They also like having a printed reference sheet to take with them. The form each particpant fills out prior to the seminar helps identify what each participant is most interested in learning. These 3 modifications- the pre-seminar form, a more mental rather than physical approach to preventing an attack, and the post-seminar form of how it helped the participants, helps to create the best possible seminars. The best defense is a great offense. Knowledge is power and having self-knowledge, and how to apply knowledge learned in the seminars, provides the best way for one to be safer from an attack.
Examples of Program Success
"I had requested that you limit the presentation to one hour. I wish I had requested two hours. You could have kept the attention of that group of ladies for hours. I was amazed at the interest you generated, not to mention the awareness you stressed for each of us to be more observant."
"Master Anne cares about you and all the people that are involved in the Self Defense programs. She has taught me that there are no limitations in life, only those we put on ourselves. She is very dedicated and teaches us all to keep pushing on."

"Master Anne has taught me that while life is full of battles, there are some we can help ourselves with by staying healthy, learning self defense, and arming ourselves with the mental ability to stay positive."
"Master Anne taught me that I am NOT a victim, that I have my mind to overcome these fears and obstacles. She taught me ways to handle my fear and discove that I am strong and in control."

Training session-Includes on Location Training, Materials and Report

A Better Body non profit organization program for class of 25 children maximum n in age groups of 1st through 5th grade

Time Frame 1 hour

Call to schedule (850)514-4334 or email : mastertrainer@abetterbody.us

Brief survery of attendees conducted for report to

What is a bully.A person who uses their words, strength or power to harm or create fear in or hurt those who are weaker. Bullies dont feel good about themselves or they would not be trying to hurt others feelings or bodies with their actions.

Explain what bullying is in 3 levels

Level 1: Level 2:Level 3:

The following exercises are interactive with the children

Identify Exercise #1 Understanding the impact of words/what people called you and how it hurt

Identify Exercise #2 Learn how you cant take back mean things

Identify Exercise #3 It takes more work to build a person than it does to tear one down

What things can do you to report or stop bullying

Another interactive activity

Realize there are great things about yourself -everyone has something.

Reinactment Activity by adults-have the kids identify each of the following

Describe who is the person bullying you

what happened-details

where it happened-location

when it happened-time of day (after class or between class etc)

Recommendations to students how deal with or how to avoid bullies

Adults Dos and Don'ts when handling situations:

Give out word search for Bullying

Budget $20,000.00
Category Education, General/Other Afterschool Enrichment
Population Served Children Only (5 - 14 years), Blacks, African Heritage, Poor,Economically Disadvantaged,Indigent
Short Term Success
The immediate impact is self esteem building and learning how to cope and identify bullies. Also learning the various types of bullying.
Long term Success
Of the 200 children surveyed the information gave us specifics on when where and how the bullying took place. This information helped us to train more specifically to the needs. The greatest problem in Bullying is in the reporting either out of fear they will not be listened to or do not know how to report minor incidents to prevent larger scale issues. Bullying starts at a young age and is rooted in poor self esteem and behavior that has been passed down many times from their home life. It escalates to more dangerous situations when not stopped at the beginning levels. Our program starts primarily in elementary students to help them realize their worth as a person and the worth of others. It also encourages the "strength in numbers" theory and reporting rather than hands on defense. By training parents and teachers the success of this program would be increased.
Program Success Monitored By
What works in training children in anti-bullying tactics is they realize more of who they are and others. What is the greatest challenge is in changing behaviors at home. Many parents and teachers do not see that listening to the child's concerns as important but rather a tattle telling incident. In most cases according to surveys the abuse verbal and physical is in the home and school.
Examples of Program Success

Over the training session of 4 weeks 75% of the students became more aware of their worth, 60% appreciated the worth of others and 85% learned coping skills and a staggering 94% learned how to properly report or tell a responsible adult.


Program Comments
CEO Statement/Executive Director/Board Comments
ABB has a challenge in that the community is very rural, with little to no funding available. We have been searching and applying for grants to help the community for 3 years now. In some grants you must have a track record of successes, while others say you have to have matching funds.
We have been training the community virtually for free and without funding. We will no longer be able to do so. Education is the strongest preventative measure against violence and poverty. By educating the elderly in ways they can help ensure their safety, we can lower crime rates. By educating children in afterschool programs, we can lower incidents of gang violence. By educating the single moms and abused women, we can enlighten them to ways of a better life.
Obesity is a huge issue in Gadsden county, and people are eating too much and exercising too little. A lot of that challenge is from poor income, or ignornace of which food choices to make, how to exercise without having to belong to a gym and what effects it has on their body. If we can get through to the parents and children at an earlier stage, the future will be healthier.
America spends trillions on health care, and that will double by 2020. Someone has to pay for that. Either the taxpayers will or those who continue the downward spiral to death and disease will. Organizations and foundations can help stop the declining health issues.
ABB doesn't know where to go, as we are new to this non-profit world. However, we are not new to the knowledge it takes to reform this community. We have over 20 years experience in teaching people of all ages, and from that experience we have designed programs for the elderly, the youth and the adults.
Our programs have been used in a variety of classes in the evenings and afterschool, in many cases with little or no funding. We have access to the people to train the staff that conduct the training, and the facility to conduct the training in. What we need now is the funding to be able to continue on a much larger scale at the personal development center in Havana, or in senior centers, public schools or at public events.
Board Chair
Board Chair Ms. Anne Radke
Company Affiliation Executive Director
Term Jan 2014 to Dec 2020
Email mastertrainer@abetterbody.us
Board Co-Chair
Board CoChair Mrs. Debbie Tully
Company Affiliation Vice President
Term Jan 2014 to Dec 2015
Email anne@alphadisplays.com
Board Members
Geremy Gerald volunteer
Miss Anne Radke President
Lisa Roddenberry Director
Mrs. Liz Tatum volunteer
Mrs Debbie Tully volunteer
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 1
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 4
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0 0
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 1
Female 4
Unspecified 0
Board Term Lengths 5
Board Term Limits 0
Board Meeting Attendance % 100%
Written Board Selection Criteria? No
Written Conflict of Interest Policy? No
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 0%
Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 0%
Constituency Includes Client Representation No
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 1
Additional Board Members
Tangela Gerald
Geremy Gerald
Jacob Knoblaugh
Chris McAllister
Mike McSwain
Anthony Reeves PA
lisa Roddenberry
Barnie Ross
Elizabeth Tatum
CEO Comments

The Board of Directors has 4 members that meet, come up with plans, and review financials and committee reports for ABB. Then we send emails to the Advisory Council members, comprised of 5 females and 8 males, and is 30% African American and 70% Caucasian. The Advisory Council responds to the Director with their recommendations for the plan, and reports on any progress on the committees they govern.


Executive Director/CEO
Executive Director Miss Anne Radke
Term Start Jan 2010
Email mastertrainer@abetterbody.org
Anne Radke has over 22 years in teaching people of all ages. Certifications include:
  • 6th Degree Master in Martial Arts
  • Master Personal Fitness Specialist
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Pilates, Kickboxing, Zumba and Aqua Zumba Instructor
  • Group and Senior Fitness Instructor
  • Youth Fitness Instructor
  • Life Coach
  • Master Instructor of Alpha UPKUDO 
  • President of the UPKUDO International Karate Federation
Co-CEO Mrs. Debbie Tully
Term Start Jan 2010
Email anne@alphadisplays.com
  • Paralegal with the Police Benevolent Association
  • Chief  Instructor of Tullys UPKUDO
  • Kickboxing Instructor
Full Time Staff 1
Part Time Staff 0
Volunteers 7
Contractors 0
Retention Rate 100%
Formal Evaluations
CEO Formal Evaluation N/A
CEO/Executive Formal Evaluation Frequency N/A
Senior Management Formal Evaluation N/A
Senior Management Formal Evaluation Frequency N/A
NonManagement Formal Evaluation N/A
Non Management Formal Evaluation Frequency N/A
CEO Comments
I am working every day by myself without a salary to get this non-profit off the ground. Any money we take in helps pay for office, lights, phone, equipment and travel expenses. So the greatest challenge is not having enough money to pay myself and an assistant. The programs have a proven track record of success, and we have the community needing our type of training. We don't have the funds to train more people. We are applying for funding to resolve these issues.
Plans & Policies
Organization has a Fundraising Plan? Under Development
Organization has a Strategic Plan? Under Development
Years Strategic Plan Considers N/A
Management Succession Plan? No
Organization Policy and Procedures Yes
Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistleblower Policy No
Document Destruction Policy No
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy No
We work with the Gadsden County School Board and Tallahassee Community College 21st Century Programs.
Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year Start Jan 01 2014
Fiscal Year End Dec 31 2014
Projected Revenue $12,000.00
Projected Expenses $12,000.00
Spending Policy N/A
Form 990s
IRS Letter of Dtermination
Detailed Financials
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201320122011
Program Expense$11,227$12,191$22,342
Administration Expense$0$0$0
Fundraising Expense$0$0$0
Payments to Affiliates$0$0$0
Total Revenue/Total Expenses1.972.050.99
Program Expense/Total Expenses100%100%100%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue0%0%0%
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201320122011
Total Assets$11,719$11,687$81
Current Assets$11,732$11,700$81
Long-Term Liabilities$0$0$0
Current Liabilities($851)($851)$200
Total Net Assets$12,570$12,538$119
Short Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201320122011
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities----0.41
Long Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201320122011
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets0%0%0%
Capital Campaign
Currently in a Capital Campaign? No
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years? No
Organization Comments
In October of 2010 we received our letter from the IRS, and in 2011 we started receiving funds, as it was our first year to be able to do so.
Foundation Comments
  • The organization files a 990N due to the low level of revenue. The 990N does not contain any financial information.
  • Financial figures were taken from internal financial statements provided by the organization.
  • This organization was incorporated in October of 2010 and did not begin receiving revenue until 2011. Therefore, only one year of financial information is available.
  • The breakdown of expenses between administration, program and fundraising is not discernible from the internal financial statements, therefore all expenses are listed under Programs.
  • The top 3 funding sources are not reflected in the financial statements.
Additional Comments
We started a 4Me program in which includes fitness training activities for the community and personal development in the Life Coaching series. This is a free service to the community however we ask for $10 donations to each event they wish to participate in but it is not mandatory.
Nonprofit A Better Body US, Inc.
Address 1412 Fl Ga Hwy - Suite B
Havana, FL 32333
Primary Phone 850 514-4335
Donate with a credit card http://www.abetterbody.org
CEO/Executive Director Miss Anne Radke
Board Chair Ms. Anne Radke
Board Chair Company Affiliation Executive Director
Year of Incorporation 2010